D-BOX and RSEAT partner to commercialize HLF4 high-fidelity, multipurpose haptic platform

D-BOX Technologies Inc., a world leader in haptic and immersive entertainment, is partnering with RSEAT, a European leading manufacturer of premium sim racing equipment, to design and market the first high-fidelity, multipurpose haptic platform. This innovative plug and play, low-profile platform will be compatible with all RSEAT sim racing rigs and almost all chassis from other sim racing equipment manufacturers.

Aimed at sim racers of all genres and skill levels, the new haptic product greatly enhances the racing experience, giving drivers an improved sense of realism transmitted through feedback to the chassis. The platform, when connected to a PC and retrofitted under static seats such as sofas and recliners, is compatible with the D-BOX ecosystem, allowing users to benefit from a haptic experience for the more than 2,500 films and television series available in our content catalogue on D‑BOX PLUS.

Featuring D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic technology, the innovative, multipurpose platform produces immersive, full-body sim racing feedback with lifelike sensations in combination with a direct drive wheel and professional pedals with load cells or hydraulics.

“The challenge was to build not only a sim racing platform, which in of itself was a first, but a multipurpose platform that can be used to experience different types of content such as movies, TV series, music and relaxation clips. This innovation opens up a world of possibilities in home entertainment, in the commercial sector, and RSEAT understood this really well in deciding to work with us. This technological breakthrough once again demonstrates the recognition of our peers when it comes to innovation and our great expertise in haptic technology.”

Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO of D-BOX

“D-BOX has earned, over the years, a remarkable reputation as a key leader in home entertainment haptic technology. Given the innovation required and high expectations regarding what we were determined to achieve, we needed to work with a partner that has proven, sophisticated technology and a strong ability to deliver a hyper-realistic, high-fidelity haptic experience. It was an obvious choice that we partner with D-BOX for this innovative product.”

Hristo Gardevski, CEO of RSEAT
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