MOZA Racing is the new kid on the sim racing block! In our MOZA Sim Racing Buyer's Guide we collected all the essential information of the current MOZA Racing sim racing products, making it easier for you to choose the right products for your entry into the world of virtual racing or upgrading your current sim racing setup.

In the last few weeks and months, the MOZA Racing brand and products became increasingly popular – also due to product availability issues with other sim racing brands, but most importantly thanks to their continuous improvement of their current products in terms of quality and introducing promising new sim racing products. Our MOZA Sim Racing Buyer’s Guide covers the essential details and products at a single glance. With the purchase of the products via our affiliate links you also support KEEPONRACING.DE.

Founded by automotive engineers and sim racers, Gudsen Moza is known for producing high-quality camera stabilization systems as well as vehicle stability technology and is based in China. MOZA Racing creates innovative, professional and durable sim racing equipment, currently offering a MOZA Racing ecosystem, which includes direct drive force feedback wheel bases and steering wheels, aluminum alloy pedals, digital dashes, and a pit house control software.


It is important to note, that all prices in the MOZA Racing web shop are listed without VAT and all products are only compatible for PC.

Hottest Products at a Glance

MOZA Racing is challenging established sim racing brands with an increasing line-up of new, premium sim racing products in the entry-level direct drive market and beyond. Especially, the MOZA DD R5 Bundle as well as the MOZA DD R9 wheel base in combination with the new MOZA FSR Formula Wheel are our hot recommendations for an ideal entry or upgrade of your sim racing rig to a direct drive setup, since the popular CSL and Gran Turismo DD Pro from Fanatec are currently not in stock.

The brand-new MOZA R5 Bundle features a 5.5 Nm of torque from the direct drive power unit as well as aviation-grade aluminum, high-quality leather and high-strength, promising solid durability. MOZA’s all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims. With careful sewing and coating, the high-quality leather feels good to touch and is made for extended use. The pedals are also made from high-strength steel, giving them a strong durability, while a high-precision Hall sensor ensures maximum stability and durability, allowing for consistency and performance.

Directly challenging Fanatec’s entry-level direct drive products, the rock-solid MOZA DD R9 delivers 9 Nm and combines minimum weight of the compact design with a smart temperature control system, durable aviation-grade aluminum and a strong quick release system. This high-quality quick release system is one of the major strength of the wheel base and provides wireless data transmitting to the steering wheel. The MOZA DD R16 and MOZA DD R21 provide even more torque with 16 Nm and 21 Nm respectively.

The most attractive steering wheel in the MOZA product range is the new FSR Formula Wheel with a 4.3-inch built-in digital dash, perforated leather grips, toray carbon fiber, magnetic dual clutch paddles, customizable RGB RPM and shift indicator as well as a customized quick release adapted from real racing as highlight features. The CS Steering Wheel, RS Steering Wheel – both round – and the lightweight GS GT Steering Wheel complete the steering wheel range and offer various shapes and features, depending on your budget and main category of racing, such as formula, GT or rally.

As of today, MOZA Racing presents a strong and attractive line-up of more and more sim racing products with well thought-out and implemented features, bringing the heat into the entry-level and premium sim racing market, while being readily available right now.

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