RECARO Style Guide

Discover the new RECARO collections with us and complete your fit with the authentic streetwear pieces on your next track day or cars and coffee event.

Are you a motorsports enthusiast or a fan of high-quality automotive streetwear? Look no further than the RECARO Merchandising collections! RECARO, the renowned brand known for its cutting-edge sports and racing seats as well as aircraft and gaming seats, offers a wide range of merchandise that allows you to embrace the automotive spirit in your everyday life.

From stylish apparel to practical accessories, the RECARO Merchandise Shop has something for everyone. As a fellow RECARO fan, I have curated a list of my favorite style pieces and articles for you. So, let’s dive into this style guide and discover some must-have items that will elevate your sporty or casual style!

RECARO Sweatshirt Originals
Stay warm and stylish with the RECARO Sweatshirt Originals. Made from soft and cozy materials, this hoodie is perfect for cooler days at the racetrack or for lounging around in style. It features the RECARO logo on the front and back, giving it a distinctive motorsport-inspired look. With its minimalistic design and comfortable fit, this hoodie is a must-have for any racing fan’s wardrobe.

Style tip: Layer the RECARO Sweatshirt Originals over a shirt and pair it with jeans or joggers for a casual look. Add some sneakers and a cap for a complete track-inspired outfit.

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RECARO T-Shirt Spektrum
A classic t-shirt is a wardrobe staple, and the RECARO T-Shirt Spektrum is no exception. Inspired by the iconic RECARO Spektrum fabric of the 1970s, it transforms the retro look into a stylish IT-piece in the here and now. Made from premium quality cotton, this t-shirt is soft, comfortable, and durable. Available in various colors, this shirt is perfect for any casual occasion.

Style tip: Crepe the sleeves of the shirt up and wear the RECARO T-Shirt Spektrum with jeans or shorts for a casual and effortless look. Layer it with a denim jacket or a hoodie for added style and warmth.

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RECARO Baseball Cap Pepita
A classic baseball cap is a must-have accessory for any automotive enthusiast. The RECARO Baseball Cap Pepita features the iconic RECARO pattern, adding a touch of retro-inspired style to your outfit. The Baseball Cap is adjustable in size and rounds off any outfit and a my must-have when preparing for the upcoming racing season.

Style tip: Pair the RECARO Baseball Cap with a casual outfit for a sporty and laid-back style. Combine it with the Pepita socks to complete the look.

RECARO Corduroy Jacket Originals
Embrace the RECARO Heritage with the Corduroy Jacket. If you’re a fan of classic yet modern style, the RECARO corduroy jacket is a fashionable and practical must-have for your wardrobe. Its durable and robust material ensures that it can withstand the rigors of everyday wear, while the breathable fabric keeps you comfortable all day long. The classic chest pockets and sleeve cuffs add a touch of timeless style, making it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. The RECARO brand has a rich heritage, and corduroy fabric has been an integral part of it since the 1960s. Even the first RECARO seats were designed using this durable and robust material, known for its breathability and excellent support. The orange color variant of the corduroy jacket also pays homage to RECARO’s first safety seat. In fact, the RECARO Automotive Classic Line seats are currently available in corduroy as well, making this jacket a perfect complement to your racing-inspired style.

Style tip: Pair the RECARO corduroy jacket with dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt for a classic and effortlessly cool look. Add some sneakers and a cap to complete the ensemble. Alternatively, layer it over a hoodie for a more casual and cozy outfit during colder weather.

RECARO Accessories & Gift Ideas
If you’re a automotive enthusiast or simply love the iconic RECARO brand, the RECARO Merchandise Shop has you covered with a wide range of accessories and gift ideas. From stylish pepita keychains and wallets, scarfs and gloves, to a high-quality travel set these accessories are perfect for adding a touch of retro-inspired flair to your everyday style or gifting to fellow motorsports fans.

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