D-BOX and Trak Racer join forces to produce chassis

The new Trak Racer chassis comes equipped with five G5 haptic actuators.

D-BOX Technologies Inc. and Trak Racer are pleased to announce a partnership to bring D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic feedback to Trak Racer’s industry-renowned chassis. The value of the haptic components to be sold by D-BOX pursuant to this agreement is estimated at approximately $1.33 million CDN ($1 million USD). Allowing four degrees of freedom to this exclusive chassis, this partnership confirms D-BOX’s commitment to providing the best and most realistic haptic experience to sim racers around the world and further affirms its position and expertise in the field of haptics. The new Trak Racer chassis will be the first chassis equipped with five of D-BOX’s new G5 actuators and will be available in late 2023.

“Trak Racer is known for providing gamers and sim racers or pilots with platforms of the highest quality, so we’re thrilled to be able to bring our haptic technology to their global ecosystem. When you combine their international footprint and prominence in the industry with our expertise of having the only haptic system to be licensed by the FIA, there’s no telling how far we can go. This new partnership combines the know-how of two industry leaders in sim racing and flight simulation, and we’re confident it will make for a truly unique experience.”

Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO, D-BOX

Trak Racer, who provides the Official Gaming Simulator of the Alpine F1 Team, has more than 12 years of experience creating products that live up to the highly competitive standards that customers demand. Through this partnership, D-BOX and Trak Racer will help one another to capitalize not only on the rapidly growing sim racing market, but also on the market of flight simulation, while providing users with an augmented experience that allows them to feel the most subtle details that you could normally only feel in a real car or plane such as bumps in the track or air pockets.

“Deciding to partner with D-BOX was natural for us. Their unique combination of movements, vibrations and textures allows drivers to be perfectly tuned in to their vehicles. In sim racing, every second is crucial, and D-BOX’s haptic feedback can help drivers make back valuable seconds to conquer the track. We’re dedicated to bringing our customers the best value and experience possible, and our partnership with D-BOX just further proves that dedication.”

Matt Sten, CEO, Trak Racer