rRactor 2: LMH Premiere mit Vanwall Vanderwell LMH

Developed by Vanwall Racing, this car marks a welcome return for the once dominant British marque. The Vanwall LMH has undergone significant amounts of real world testing as the team continue in their quest to gain entry into the leading World Endurance Championship for the years ahead. Developed fully by the Vanwall team in collaboration with Studio 397, this car is the definition of benefitting from real world data, and collaborated by Vanwall drivers, so the experience should be as close as is possible to get to putting yourself behind the wheel of one of these outstanding new breed of race machines.

Although the real world entry into top level endurance racing has been a little more complicated than initially expected for the Vanwall Vandervell outfit, the squad have been super keen to engage fully in the world of virtual motorsports, expanding their presence from the Virtual Le Mans series into designing and manufacturing this beautiful prototype for rFactor 2. 

When Vanwall Vandervell reached out to Studio 397 to explain their idea of creating an official version of their real world machine in rFactor 2, the studio was understandably excited to see what the team could come up with in their simulation software – utilizing wealth of insider knowledge and data to help bring to life in virtual form one of the most attractive of the new breed of endurance races ahead of the new era of sportscar GT racing.

Having already been on the track several times testing the real world machine, Vanwall Vandervell have been incredibly keen to utilize that experience and data with this new car, and what they have created is a sensational experience behind the wheel, and a great early look at how this type of car might feel in an rFactor 2 environment.


While Vanwall Vandervell continue their own real world preparations as they bid to face off against some of the biggest names in motorsport on the world stage, sim racers will have the opportunity to sample the striking Vanwall Vandervell LMH in rFactor 2 on the many laserscanned circuits, putting the new car through its paces in an array of different driving conditions, and getting that important first taste of how this new breed of car will behave in a racing environment within the simulation. 

This is an exciting time for rFactor 2, and with such an iconic and historic name as Vanwall Vandervell, the introduction of this car is a very exciting time for the simulation. A perfect match for the Bahrain International Circuit, previously announced, Q4 2022 is already looking like another great content drop for rFactor2! 

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