Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base for PlayStation 5

Fanatec just enabled pre-orders for the highly-anticipated official PlayStation 5 direct drive wheel for Gran Turismo: the Fanatec DD Pro Wheel Base.

Fanatec developed the Gran Turismo licensed DD Pro in close collaboration with the legendary game designer Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital. Now, the long-awaited Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm) is available to pre-order as a single wheel base.

  • First licensed Direct Drive wheel for PlayStation 5 (also compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC) and Gran Turismo
  • Package includes wheel base and Boost Kit 180
  • Wheel base is compatible with entire Fanatec ecosystem

Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm)
599.95 €/$ (pre-orders open)
EU: Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm)
US: Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm)
AU: Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm)

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Gran Turismo DD Pro in detail.

When the steering wheel is directly mounted to the motor shaft, there’s no belt or gear drive to dilute the force feedback effects. Direct Drive is the clear choice of all professional drivers and enthusiast sim racers, and it’s now available to a broader audience.

The 100% custom motor was developed in Germany specifically for sim racing. It delivers sensational performance thanks to patented FluxBarrier technology, communicating the nuances of force feedback detail to your hands with remarkable clarity.

8 Nm peak torque.

his high level of torque can be sustained without the need for active cooling, with the extruded and CNC-machined aluminium casing acting as the structural chassis as well as the heat sink.

This product is compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles and PlayStation 5 consoles and PC on all major racing games.

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